Dear Community:

Welcome to Friends of Rhode Island Avenue (FoRIA), a new organization with an exciting vision for the development of Rhode Island Avenue NE, aka US Route 1, America’s most historic and longest contiguous street in the nation.

Our mission is to embrace a 21st Century environmentally conscious, walkable urban neighborhood that serves the communities of Woodridge, Brookland, Langdon and beyond. As such, we welcome all and encourage the contribution of each member’s ideas as to how we can ensure that FORIA’s vision includes the entire community.

Additionally, FoRIA membership is based upon your interest in the community-friendly development of Rhode Island Avenue NE, pursuant to and consistent with our mission statement. Member input/ideas will be given consideration without regard to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, matriculation and/or in regard to individual financial status.

Again and on behalf of FoRIA, I extend a hearty welcome to all. Now, let’s get busy in the revitalization of Rhode Island Avenue NE.

We encourage you to join us! Go FoRIA!

James C. Holloway, Jr.
Chairman – Board of Directors