FoRIA Committees – Great Neighbors Making the Difference

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 in FoRIA Committee Updates

committee-tmwrk-puzzleFoRIA Committees are off to a great start!

Three different committees have formed, and are all meeting to tackle projects intended to boost the visibility and economic opportunities along our Rhode Island Avenue NE corridor. In case you missed a meeting, here’s what’s happening:

Promotions and Community Outreach

Two words: Fall Fest! That’s right – it’s the first day of Spring, and we’re already kicking in to gear to plan the 2013 Fall Fest. Get involved now to help us make this coming year’s festival bigger and better!

But don’t think that’s all the Promotions and Community Outreach team is about… we’re working on a printed newsletter, and we’re actively seeking out smart neighbors with journalistic talents/dreams to help us craft the best possible product. Sound interesting to you? Let us know!

Business and Economic Development

Monday night’s meeting was all about crafting a plan to support our long-standing local businesses, and FoRIA’s advocacy campaign to push for funding that will benefit current and future RIA businesses. Starting later this week, we’ll be pounding the pavement and going door to door to meet RIA-NE business owners, and find out what resources they need to thrive on the Avenue. We’ll also be encouraging business owners to contact the Mayor and all the DC Councilmembers, and to encourage our city leaders to show some $$ love for RIA-NE in the FY2014 budget.

Got some ideas for building a strong economy on RIA? Want to see more job and career choices here in the neighborhood for our talented young men and women? Get involved now!


What a great group of creative and knowledgeable neighbors we have here in Ward 5! The ideas were flying fast and furious in last night’s meeting. We’ll be working on creating a “brand” for the RIA corridor – one that will embrace the unique personalities of each of the neighborhoods lining RIA, will honor the area’s history, and will embrace the Avenue’s future. It’s a project that is no small undertaking, and will involve tremendous amounts of public input.

And streetscape improvements? You bet. Stay tuned, because the Design Committee will be taking a tour of the Avenue to note areas that could use some polishing. We’ll be looking at lighting, tree boxes, and sidewalk conditions. We’ll also make note of places where planters or art projects would make the perfect accent. Bring your ideas and get involved now!