RIA-NE: The Momentum is Growing

Posted on Mar 23, 2013 in Commercial RIA, FoRIA Committee Updates, Press

It has been a VERY busy couple of weeks over here at the world-wide FoRIA headquarters, with #GoodWard5News pouring in from all directions.

A quick re-cap:

March 15: Manny & Olga’s announces that they are coming to 2117 RIA-NE

March 18: Capoeira DC announces that they are coming to 2008 RIA-NE

March 21: Zeke’s Coffee of DC announces that they are coming to 2300 RIA-NE

And the best news of all?

We are just getting started.

Now is when we need each of you to help us keep the momentum going, and here are two super easy ways that you can keep the #GoodWard5News rolling in:

1. Let the Mayor know that you want him to invest in RIA-NE. With just a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can use the power of democracy to remind Mayor Gray that Ward 5 and the RIA-NE community wants and deserves the same economic opportunities that other Wards have enjoyed.

2. Join a committee. Our committees are doing great things! Sometimes the work is hard, but oh, the rewards! Do it. Get involved. Work side by side with your neighbors to support existing businesses, help bring in new businesses and new jobs, and help us bring even more art and beauty to our wonderful community. Do it. Be a Ward 5 Hero.

Got questions? Leave me a comment here. Or shoot me an email. Or call me. I would love to hear your positive ideas for RIA-NE, and how you would like to get more involved with FoRIA.